Rubber Dam Frame

Rubber Dam Frames

Dental rubber dam frames are used to hold rubber dams in place while they are being used to isolate the operative tooth or teeth. The rubber dam frames are often made of Plastic or Metal. The rubber dam frame should be designed to easily and comfortably placed in the patient’s mouth while securely holding the dam tightly in place. These rubber dam frames can be either disposable or reusable.

A rubber dam is a thin sheet of material that is used to isolate the desired tooth to aid moisture control. A rubber dam protects the patient’s airway and enhances the visibility and access. It very helpful to reduce aerosols caused by the air turbine handpiece. A rubber dam further improves the patient comfort by reducing the amount of water and materials in the mouth.

HARFINS provides rubber dam frames made of high grade surgical stainless steel. Our frames have light weight time proven design. Because of its shape it exerts less tension on the dam and is easy to use with its improved grip of rubber dam. Completely sterilizable or autoclavable.

In addition to the Rubber Dam Frame HARFINS also offers two popular rubber dam accessories. The Rubber Dam Punch aids in punching holes corresponding to the teeth size on the rubber dam sheet. Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps in stainless steel is a solidly built forceps with a comfortable grip. This classic design is very popular for clamp placement.

Technical Specifications of Rubber Dam Frames:

  • Available in child & adult designs
  • Child rubber dam frame size is 10cm (Small)
  • Adult rubber dam frame size is 13cm (Medium)
  • Durable high grade surgical stainless-steel
  • Completely sterilizable
  • Satin Steel Finishing

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