Choosing the right instrument for a dental surgery is pivotal to the success of the surgical procedure. With the number of tooth extractions increasing every year, it is important to have a dental tool that can provide a precise outcome. These Proximators set provides the optimal solution for tooth extraction. It helps to make extractions faster and more efficient.

This PDL Proximators Set is appropriate for the principle minimal invasiveness. Increasingly today, the focus in modern dentistry is on Implantology. Therefore, it is necessary to conserve the hard and soft tissue during extraction. These Proximators are used for severing the ligaments in the periodontal space, primarily for severing the periodontal fibers and creating lateral expansion of the alveolus. Using the Proximators reduces the amount of potential damage during a dental surgery.

This is the perfect instrument set for the careful and faultless removal of teeth. It includes the following 7 instruments

Proximator Large Distal, 4mm

Proximator Large Mesial, 4mm

Proximator Small Mesial, 2.5mm

Proximator Small Distal, 2.5mm

Proximator Spade, Straight

Proximator Small Straight, 2.5mm

Proximator Small Curved, 2.5mm

The single-ended round solid handle design, aligned to pressure and tug, allows tactile working without destroying the adjacent structures. Direct and controlled power transfer the possible with the new handle. The tips are thin, serrated and strong enough to easily define a purchase point and loosen the root.

The Proximator combines the sharp, thin working-edge of the Periotome and the strength of the Luxating Elevator. This limits the need for traditional elevators that could lead to unwanted forces on the surrounding bone structure.
The Proximator also incises the ligament smoothly, extracts the tooth efficiently, and preserves the socket completely. It has more consistent outcomes for each procedure, faster and less traumatic extractions, and it better facilitates immediate implant placement. The kit options give the best possible access to any root surface in the mouth. Reach the most difficult posterior areas without extreme cheek retraction. The complete set of seven can also come in a sterilization cassette.

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