Mini-Ryder Needle Holders

Mini-Ryder Needle Holders

Mini-Ryder Needle Holders are used to grasp and guide the needle when suturing. These needle holders have unique design with narrow beaks, for use with 8-0, 9-0, 10-0 sutures. Mini-Ryder Needle Holders are available in 15cm & 18cm sizes. Surgical grade stainless steel and Tungsten Carbide beaks are used to manufacture these needle holders.

Why to use Tungsten Carbide Needle Holders?

The Tungsten Carbide needle holders provide a superior grip at the working end to hold the needles in place without twisting or slipping. Because of the superior grip provided by the Tungsten Carbide inserts, you only have to squeeze and lock to the first ratchet. It reduces cramping and hand fatigue for the long surgical procedures.

The Tungsten Carbide needle holders are available in wide variety of grips, lengths and angles. It makes it easy to select exact needle holder require for each surgical procedure. Please refer to our Catalogue for the correct needle holder to match the suture size that will be use. Normally the Castroviejo style needle holders are used for the smaller size sutures, typically 4-0 to 7-0. For those doctors who prefer to use Castroviejo design to use for larger sutures such as 3-0 to 4-0, we also offer Castroviejo Needle Holder for large needles.

The Tungsten Carbide needle holders typically last and maintain the grip 4-6 time longer than conventional stainless-steel tip needle holder. The HARFINS’s needle holders are made from high quality German Stainless-Steel. They are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and material. Any HARFINS’s instrument which proves defective in workmanship or material will either be repaired or replaced at our discretion, without charge. The warranty does not cover routine maintenance, re-tipping of carbide instruments or sharpening of scissors.

Needle Holders Identifications:

The needle holders come in a variety of sizes and shapes for specific applications. Tips may be straight, curved, angled or bent.  The construction style of needle holder can be easily recognize based on the following color codes.

  • Black handles indicate that the needle holders have Diamond Dusted inserts
  • Gold handles indicate that the needle holders have Tungsten Carbide inserts
  • Regular Steel color indicate the serrated jaws

Technical Specifications of Mini-Ryder Needle Holders:

  • Total length of instrument is 15cm or 18cm
  • Tungsten Carbide tips width is 1.5mm
  • Suitable for 8-0, 9-0, 10-0 sutures
  • Durable high grade surgical stainless-steel material is used
  • Completely sterilizable
  • Satin Steel Finishing
  • Left-Hand or Right-Hand usage
  • Boil Tested, Performance Tested, Shape Tested

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