67A Extraction Forceps

67A Extraction Forceps Serr

67A extraction forceps (or Pliers) are surgical hand instruments designed for tooth extraction. They are crafted from surgical grade stainless steel with precision hinge. 67A tooth extraction forceps are used for Upper First Molar, Upper Second Molar and Upper Third Molar.

67A Extraction Forcep

67A extraction forceps are available in European and Slim Jaw (or Atraumatic) designs.

67A European Style:

These extraction forceps are ideal for extracting teeth from the alveolar bone. They have standard beak profile with cross serrated inner jaws. The gripping handle have cross knurling design (on request also available with no slip profile).

67A European Style Extraction Forceps

The standard beak profile of 67A European Style extraction forceps fits perfectly on Upper Molars. Cross serrated jaws provide strong gripping. The jaw width is 7mm.

67A European Extraction Forcep Serrated

67A Slim Jaw (or Atraumatic) Style:

67A Slim Jaw Extraction Forceps have parallel grasp and slim beak profile. This unique design helps the forceps tips to reach deep in the alveolar region. The jaw width is 5mm.

67A Atraumatic Extraction Forceps

All Atraumatic Forceps feature a matte finish for enhanced contrast and reduced light reflection. Comfort grip light weight handle design. Slim beak profile and longitudinal beak serrations provides a firm, secure grasp of the crown and root reducing the risk of crushing or fracturing the tooth.

67A Atraumatic Forcep

Technical Specifications of 67A extraction forceps:

  • Total length of instrument is 18.5cm
  • Available in European and Atraumatic Styles
  • Surgical stainless-steel material is used
  • Completely sterilizable
  • Satin Steel Finishing
  • Boil Tested, Performance Tested, Shape Tested
  • Lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship

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